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Nine out of Ten Changing Tables Positive for Coke

Some Brits, who just can't wait for a line, are snorting while changing baby nappies.


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By Anna David


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We know changing diapers isn’t the most exciting aspect of parenting. But based on the results of Real Radio Northwest’s investigation of the particles found on the changing mats in the public bathrooms, plenty of parents are livening it with a little Bolivian Marching Powder—at least in Britain. According to the radio station’s study, which examined the changing tables in the bathrooms of shopping centers, hospitals, police stations, courts, churches, supermarkets and department stores in the north west of England, a shocking nine out of 10 of these mats—or 92%—tested positive for traces of cocaine. Whether or not this study is accurate—a bizarre video accompanying the results, which shows a Heidi Fleiss ringer wiping baby changing areas with a white cloth and speaking inaudibly while soft porn type music plays in the background, lends a questionable tone to the entire thing—hasn’t stopped it from being picked up all over the place. Still, as Jezebel points out, money often contains particles of cocaine so all of this doesn’t necessarily mean that moms are blowing rails as they encase their progeny in diapers. While we're not sure this actually qualifies as good news, it is an excellent point.

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