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Boston's T to Ban Booze Ads

The T party is over for all alcohol advertisers on MBTA property.


All forms of MBTA transportation will be
alcohol ad-free. Photo via

By Valerie Tejeda


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The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) is banning alcohol advertisements on all its property from July. The ban will cover Boston's T subway cars, trains and buses. Members of a substance abuse youth coalition recently presented petitions from over 300 Bay State residents seeking to ban alcohol advertising on state property to the transportation secretary—and the MBTA agreed to tow the line. In the meantime, a bill first introduced in 2009 is currently being proposed to ban alcohol advertising on all Massachusetts state property. "I am disappointed when I see alcohol advertisements on state property," says Giovanni Colon, a high schooler from the Allston-Brighton-based substance abuse youth coalition. "It's like Massachusetts wants young kids to start drinking... People would never dream of putting alcohol ads on yellow school buses, so why should they be allowed to put them on our school buses?" The MBTA already bans tobacco, firearms, violence and nudity from its billboards.

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