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Big Boi Lands in The Big House

OutKast rapper picked up by Miami cops for possession of ecstasy and rogue Viagra.


Big Boi in custody yesterday Photo via

By Will Godfrey


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Big Boi, the 36-year-old rapper who is one half of OutKast, the multi-award-winning, multi-platinum-selling hip hop duo, was arrested in Miami yesterday on drug charges, reportedly after leaving a cruise ship. Antwan Patton, as his birth certificate reads, is charged with possession of ecstasy, MDMA powder, "drug paraphernalia" and also—perhaps to guard against any unwelcome side-effects—some unprescribed Viagra pills, according to the Miami Dade County corrections website. Initially held on $16,000 bond, the star was later released and tweeted "Fresh Out Baby!" to his 277,000 followers, later adding, "Shiiiiit they said it was the Love Boat." Big Boi's attorney said he was "confident" his client would be exonerated. It's been a bad few days for rappers with size-related soubriquets: Big Sean—just nominated by the MTV Video Music Awards as the year's Best Musical Newcomer—was arrested last week in New York for alleged sexual assault. 

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