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Barry Bonds Gets His Bat Back

"Dangerous weapon" conditions relating to his conviction for lying under oath about steroid charges are relaxed.


Barry Bonds holds the all-time MLB
record of 762 home runs. Photo via

By Bryan Le


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Barry Bonds has finally got his batting privileges back. Following his conviction for felony obstruction of justice for lying under oath before a grand jury at his 2003 hearings on steroid use, he wasn't permitted to handle any "firearm, ammunition, destructive device, or other dangerous weapon.” Baseball bats fall into the “destructive device or other dangerous weapon” category. Which is rather unfortunate for someone who enjoys baseball—although in Bonds' hands more than anyone's, a bat could truly be said to have destructive potential. The 47-year-old former San Francisco Giants star appealed to a federal judge and got baseball bats exempted from his restrictions. Bonds denied 2003 charges that he used anabolic steroids while training with the Bay Area Laboratory Co-operative, saying he didn't know the creams and injections being given to him were anything more than legitimate supplements. He was then charged with perjury and obstruction of justice and convicted in April 2011. Though many years retired, Bonds still holds the all-time Major League Baseball record of 762 home runs.

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