Back 2 Basics

Back 2 Basics

By Sponsored Post 09/30/14

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"I am just wrapping up another anniversary...and in reflection I can see that my life truly a miracle. The years of chaos and destruction prior to getting sober cost me hundreds and thousands of dollars a month in restitution, repairs...the high cost of low living. 

Finally as a young adult myself, after a series of unfortunate events and the right amount of willingness plus desperation, I surrendered to the fact that my life was unmanageable. 

I was an emotional and physical mess my first couple of years...grateful to be sober and to have found the rooms. But I could still justify old behaviors like a little lying and stealing...kind of late for work and leave just a few minutes early. A lot of those old justifications and behaviors have subsided but I still have to check in with another fellow if all my ideas are good or just what I want to sound good enough so I can do and get what I want. 

As of late, I really get the anonymity thing today...I need to just do good things and contribute positively to the world, for the sake of doing them not because people will approve or like me better. The reward is me liking and approving the man I am today, not how many likes I have on Facebook."

—B2B staff