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Aussies Are Cornering the Meth Market

Australian police have seized two tons of “ice” in the last 12 months.


Multiply this a bazillion times.
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By Dirk Hanson


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Australian police set a new record for methamphetamine seizures, intercepting an unimaginable 527 pounds of ice worth well over $50 million yesterday, beating the old record (483 pounds) by a considerable margin. The Sydney Morning Herald says that authorities have seized more than two tons of the drug in the last 12 months, as Australia has increasingly become a target for international drug traffickers. Two tons.That’s about what a Pacific bull walrus weighs. That’s a lot of ice to be seizing in one year, and no telling how much meth is underneath that iceberg tip. The report says that two Australians, a 38-year-old from east Sydney and a 21-year-old from Bomaderry, were arrested along with a Dutchman, 43, and a Belgian, 41. They are being charged with trafficking and possession. The police claim that the two out-of-towners “ran the operation from Sydney’s upscale eastern beachside suburbs on behalf of a global syndicate,” according to AP. But they always say that, don’t they?

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