Angry Birds Addict Uses Game to Propose to Girlfriend

Angry Birds Addict Uses Game to Propose to Girlfriend By Bryan Le 05/08/13

An Aussie gentleman finds a way to propose without having to put the game down.

Don't get any ideas, fellas. Photo via

A man from Sydney, Australia, is so hooked on Angry Birds, he proposed to his girlfriend with a custom-made game. Thirty-year-old Ben Levi's obsession with the mobile phone game had become a point of contention in his relationship with Melissa Swift, 24, as he was constantly playing it. “We'd be out... with friends like civilized people and you've got Angry Birds going on under the table,” says Swift. So she wasn't surprised when the couple were out at lunch and he invited her to play at the table. But she was surprised when the game—a custom version that Levi had commissioned from the game's creators, Rovio—ended with the message: “Marry Me Mel -Ben.” Swift said "yes," and her opinion of the game has since changed. “It took Angry Birds to finally get him to propose...I love them," she says, "Nothing else would motivate him, but Angry Birds did it, so I'm forever grateful.” Levi "joked" that he's considering an Angry Birds-themed wedding. Check out the video of the proposal: