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Andy Dick's Boss Stages On-Air Intervention

The comedian goes to rehab for the 13th time, after his boss and friends intervene during a live taping of his show.


This is Andy Dick's 13th trip to rehab.
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By May Wilkerson


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It hasn't been a smooth ride to sobriety for Andy Dick—and it certainly hasn't been a private one. The comedian's long and public battle with addiction has once again landed him in the spotlight—this time in the form of an on-air intervention staged by his boss and friends. Dick, 46, was filming his internet TV show, Andy Dick Live!, in Beverly Hills yesterday when Alki David, CEO of the online network that airs his show, interrupted the taping. “Everybody knows you have been going through your trials and tribulations,” David said to the former sitcom star. “I told you the other day that if this continued we can’t carry on." The entire filmed intervention—available for viewing here—shows the comedian break down and agree to get help. He was then escorted to Oasis, an Anaheim treatment center where he's currently staying. This is his thirteenth trip to rehab. In an exclusive interview last year, Dick, who was sober at the time, told The Fix that being in rehab "got me to see that there actually is a different and better lifestyle and if you choose to do it, you can do it."

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