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Shocking Study Links Drinking to Sloppy Sex

The journal Addiction erases all doubt that the more alcohol you consume, the greater the likelihood you'll have unprotected intercourse.


More alcohol causes unsafe sex.

By Mike Guy


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A new study published in the January issue of the journal Addiction has found what every college kid with a fake ID learns early in their drinking career: “The more alcohol you drink, the stronger becomes your intention to engage in unsafe sex.” That may seem obvious, but the article—written by Dr. Jurgen Rehm of the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health at the University of Toronto—claims that there was still lingering doubt in the scientific community that one thing led to another. “Heavy drinking,” writes Dr. Rehm, has long been known to lead to higher HIV incidence, but experts still argue over whether it's the booze that causes the poor judgement or the character of the drinker. “Researchers weren’t sure if alcohol consumption caused HIV via unsafe sex, or whether certain personality traits in individuals, such as sensation-seeking or a disposition to risky behavior in general, would lead to both alcohol use and unsafe sex.” It turns out it's alcohol.

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