Air Force Rocked By New Drug Scandal

Air Force Rocked By New Drug Scandal

By McCarton Ackerman 01/17/14

The high-flying branch of the military has made a concerted effort to weed out illicit substance after a 2002 scandal that implicated 38 cadets.

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An Air Force investigation into drug use among its members now includes 10 officers located in six bases throughout the U.S. and Britain being accused of taking illegal substances. Air Force spokesman Lt. Col. Brett Ashworth confirmed that the 10 Air Force members in question include nine lieutenants and one captain, all of whom are based out of various locations in the west coast and one in the U.K. The drugs in question involve synthetic marijuana and ecstasy.

The Air Force has made a much more stringent effort to stamp out illegal substances since its 2002 scandal in which 38 Air Force Academy cadets were busted for drug use. In the previous 10 years, there had only been one other drug case at the academy, according to spokesman Lt. Col Perry Nouis. Out of the 38 implicated, seven of them went to prison and one even received a three-year sentence for dealing drugs.

The academy said all of the drug use occurred at parties off campus, but they still had a zero tolerance policy on the issue. They have since significantly stepped up their random drug testing policies. “We have to do things right or people die,” said Col. Mark Hyatt, director of the Academy Center for Character Development, a department at the school. “When I come out of Baghdad and I am out of the fuel, I am trusting that tanker pilot will be there.”