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Video: How Aerosmith Survived Decades of Decadence

A newly-rehabbed Steven Tyler and his four sober band-mates speak to 60 Minutes about their years of drug and alcohol fueled drama.


Aerosmith is still together, but tensions run
thick. Photo via

By May Wilkerson


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Steven Tyler and his band-mates at Aerosmith were featured in a segment on CBS's 60 Minutes, candidly discussing their addiction-filled past and vicious interpersonal dramas. All of the band's five members claim to be now sober, after prolonged battles with drug and alcohol abuse that threatened to bring down the group, which is currently enjoying renewed popularity thanks to Tyler's new stint on American Idol. According to bassist Tom Hamilton, he and Steven Tyler, Brad Whitford, Joe Perry and Joey Kramer were often "fried" while touring, and not able to "sustain their tolerance for each other." Here are a few choice clips from the show.

Aerosmith frontman Tyler, 63—who completed his most recent rehab stint this past January—made headlines and nearly broke his neck after falling off the stage during a 2009 concert while in the throes of an addiction to prescription meds. The tour had to be cancelled, and Tyler's bandmates were so angry with Tyler they didn't bother to call him for 27 weeks. "I was pretty pissed that he let himself get that far,"  guitarist Joe Perry complains to CBS's Lara Logan, even though he and Tyler were known as the "toxic twins" for their heavy heroin and cocaine use. "Back then, everybody was high," explains Tyler. "That was rock and roll." There's no love lost between Tyler and the rest of his crew, but after 40 years together, Aerosmith is still defying the odds by playing to packed stadiums across the country.

How Tyler's drug addiction nearly drove the band apart:

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