Are These Fifteen Behaviors Addictions or Compulsions?

Are These Fifteen Behaviors Addictions or Compulsions? - Page 5

By Chris Bisogni 04/08/14

The word "addiction" gets thrown around a lot these days—anything from sex to eating dirt—but what's the difference between an actual addiction and a compulsive behavior?

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Ultraviolet (UV) light can speed up endorphins, that could well affect and feed a tanning addiction. However tanning can also be simply about appearance. The value of a tan depends on where you are from. For example, in western cultures, a tan often indicates you have been on vacation and is usually viewed as something positive, whereas in Asia it is seen as a sign of being a member of the working class (working outdoors in the fields) and has negative implications. Verdict: Compulsive behavior

Social media/Internet

If you cut off a nicotine addict's access to cigarettes, the short-term result would be a significant chemical imbalance inside their body, resulting in any number of symptoms and reactions. If the world wide web suddenly stopped working, there would be a lot of frustration and anger and IT departments the world over would collapse from the weight of demand. But it is simply not an addiction. Verdict: Compulsive behavior