Are These Fifteen Behaviors Addictions or Compulsions?

Are These Fifteen Behaviors Addictions or Compulsions? - Page 3

By Chris Bisogni 04/08/14

The word "addiction" gets thrown around a lot these days—anything from sex to eating dirt—but what's the difference between an actual addiction and a compulsive behavior?

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There are only so many tattoos the human body can host, even if there is evidence of those tattooing their insides (mouth/gums), which is becoming increasingly popular. While many may choose to get “inked” in the name of art or as a commitment to a cause, tattooing can make the body give off high levels of endorphins which can lead to more emotional ties with the memory of the tattoo. Verdict: Addiction


There are various forms of this, all which have different signs and reactions.   Some conditions are linked to contamination obsession; others, such as hypochondriasis, are categorized by an obsession with cleaning. Let’s address the latter and determine that in the context of our study, there is a reward and obvious evidence of an individual pathologically pursuing reward and/or relief by substance use and other behaviors. Verdict: Addiction