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Writers in Recovery Unite

This Wednesday, come hear Carr, Karr and Wurtzel discuss their respective downfalls.


Recovery raconteurs

By Anna David


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January is the month of new beginnings, which means it’s the time to talk recovery. And the first can’t-miss opportunity to hear a few of the world’s most revered addicted writers discussing the topic is this Wednesday at the Housing Works Bookstore Cafe at 126 Crosby Street in Manhattan at 7 pm. Moderated by Unhooked: How to Quit Anything author (and Fix contributor) Susan Shapiro, the panel will include such acclaimed, best-selling authors as David Carr (The Night of the Gun), Mary Karr (Lit), and Elizabeth Wurtzel (best known for Prozac Nation but also the author of the addiction and recovery memoir More Now Again). Since we named both Carr and Karr’s books as part of our roundup the 10 Best Addiction Memoirs, we’ll certainly be in the audience. And with the participants already tweeting at each other with taunts about who will talk more, it’s safe to say that anticipation is high. Even if the panelists won’t be.

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