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$1.1 Million of Premium Vodka Stolen in Miami Heist

Slick thieves pilfer 752 cases of rare vodka from a warehouse through a hole in the wall.


$1,200 a bottle? It's a steal. Photo via

By Bryan Le


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In an Ocean's 11-style heist, $1.1 million worth of Spirits of the Tsars Golden Vodka were stolen from a Florida customs warehouse. On the night of June 22, a group of men showed up to the customs warehouse in a new white Mercedes-Benz and, according to security footage, loaded a car, van and box truck with 752 cases of the premium liquor over the course of five hours. The crooks “successfully broke a hole right where vodka is stored and didn't set off any alarms,” says Spirits of the Tsars president Mark Owens. Despite the scores of other valuable items in the warehouse, the thieves only took the vodka. “They appeared to know where to put the hole, right in the middle of the aisle next to the vodka,” says Owens. Limited quantities are produced each year of the Ukraine-made liquor, which is bottled with a 24-carat gold veneer logo and sells for about $300 at liquor stores and $1,200 at night clubs. Authorities are now offering a $5,000 reward for tip-offs that could lead to the culprits.

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