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‘Breaking Bad’ Teacher Punished For Cocaine Lab

A Welsh teacher has been permanently banned from the classroom after being caught dealing cocaine made in a sophisticated laboratory built in his own home.


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By Shawn Dwyer


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Macphallen Kuwale from Cardiff, Wales may have been trying too hard to mimic Walter White, the mild-mannered teacher turned criminal mastermind from the hit AMC series Breaking Bad.

Kuwale was recently banned from teaching in classrooms for the rest of his life after a General Teaching Council determined he that was a danger to pupils. "Mr. Kuwale presents a significant and ongoing risk to the standards of the professions,” said Steve Powell, chairman of the council. “His involvement in the illegal drugs trade is evidence of deep-seated attitudinal problems. We cannot be satisfied that there is no risk of repetition. The proportionate sanction is indefinite prohibition order."

The Malawi-born teacher and father of two was busted in 2012 when police raided his home, finding the $1.5 million laboratory and approximately $1,300 worth of cocaine. Included in the high-end lab were cutting agents as well as a pressing machine that makes cocaine appear to be a higher grade.

At the time, Kuwale said that he never dealt drugs and that he was holding onto the substance for a friend. He was sentenced to three and a half years in prison by Cardiff Crown Court before the council decided to permanently strike him from the teachers' register.

"The well-being of pupils must be protected and the reputation of the profession maintained," Powell said.

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